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FIG Family Home Evening Kits: The First Vision


Recently we put together family home evening kits on the First Vision, helping to pass off teaching a family home evening on the first vision in the Gospel Living Section of their Faith in God booklets. It took a lot of looking and doing, but I found some blogs and pictures to use for these kits.

Each girl received a gallon sized bag with the FHE outline, a printed and laminated sacred grove and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and Joseph talking to a preacher. Also in the gallon bag were pictures of Joseph Smith, a girl praying, and The Book of Mormon that needed cut out and colored. Also in the bag, a colored marker they were to use on the back of their images, each girl had a different color, that way we could keep each girl’s pictures straight while cutting, laminating and putting them in the kits.


The pdf includes directions and black and white illustrations for the girls to color. I did a mix of illustrated and coloring images because of 2 reasons: 1- time, and 2- reverencing heavenly figures. We a have a couple girls who just throw color on images and I wanted Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to remain heavenly.

FHE Outline and coloring pictures: FIG First Vision FHE Packet with coloring pictures and instructions. The instructions I got from this blog post, I did however change them slightly.

Colored pictures from

friend first vision

After the girls colored and cut out the pictures I had them number the backs to correspond with the written FHE outline.


We then laminated the pictures and used some velcro dots to stick Heavenly Father and Jesus along with a praying Joseph Smith to the sacred grove.


IMG_2058 IMG_2056


To help complete the FHE we included two bags of popcorn as the FHE treat! The girls had a wonderful time making these bags and learning more about the restoration.



Bead Necklaces


I came across a very cute idea at The Idea Room, bead necklaces! So cute, so fun and with the distinct possibility of mess but with a time and mess-saving tip. The activity day girls were very excited to make these and they turned out awesome! These necklaces fell under the create your own section in Developing Talents.

Since we were dealing with layers of wet paint we broke this activity into two with painting beads taking up one activity day night, and the second we modge podged and strung them. The Idea Room’s step by step instructions are awesome, I did a few things different though since we weren’t completing this project in one sitting.

1. I reminded parents the Sunday before as well as the day of the activity for girls to wear clothes or aprons that they could get paint on. Kate (my assistant leader) and I both brought extra shirts and aprons for anyone who forgot to wear old clothes.

2. The wood beads can be pricey for 10 girls so we did 5 beads per necklace and they turned out great, they didn’t look sparse at all.  We also limited paint to 5 colors and ribbon colors to 3 which ended up perfect for our girls.

3. Acrylic paint STAINS so be sure to cover any tables with paper or plastic table cloths!

4. I definitely suggest bringing skewers for the girls or you will have a ridiculous amount of messy fingers on your hands. Helpful Tip: Use the skewers for any polka dots the girls may want to do. It makes it so much faster and consistent, not to mention much less frustrating for any perfectionists.

5. If I were to do this activity again I probably bring a small fan to dry the beads faster.

6. You will want to have some fray check and sewing scissors for the ribbon when you string them.

The girls had an absolute blast doing this activity. They talked and were so good to compliment each other on their designs. It’s great to see smiling faces!


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