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Making Paper Journals


I found a tutorial on A Beautiful Mess, for making paper journals that is fast and incredibly easy to make. You can make them to any size and with any amount of paper inside that you want/need. There are a lot of uses for making these paper journals, they can be made well within the hour time constraint of a Young Women, Activity Day, Cub Scout or Relief Society meeting. What is so great about these is all of the putting together is done first with decorating after, meaning people do not go home with a halfway completed project.

Currently I am working with the Bear Den in our local Cub Scout pack, and for one of their requirements they need to keep a daily record of their activities for two weeks. (Bear Book Pg. 142, requirement 18c.) We put in 7 half sheets of paper to make for 13 spreads. This way the boys had a spread for each day they needed to write down their daily activities, except the 14th day, and they had one sheet on the back of the 13th day to journal. Making journals was really fun for the boys and they really got into decorating them with stickers and colored pencils and picking out paper, though they did need help punching through 8 pieces of paper, but all in all, we as leaders could sit back and let them be creative. There was a lot of talking and laughing from the boys, which they enjoyed as did we.

As the boys worked on these journals the leaders and parents had a meeting about planning scouts for the summer, this was a great activity for the boys to do while leaders and parents had a discussion. If we were to do this again, I think I would have had an older sibling of one of the boys be there to answer questions and help boys punch holes in paper while parents and leaders had a meeting. All in all it was a very successful activity and I think the boys are excited to write in their journals.










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