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Cub Scout Year Plan

on January 31, 2014

The more I learn about the Cub Scout Program the more I am driven to organize myself because I can’t bear the thought of one of my boys not earning a badge because I was disorganized! So I planned out a year of activities and I sent home this letter to the parents of my scouts, so they know what we are working on during den meetings and encourage them to work with their sons on their own time.


Dear Cub Scout Parents,
Thank you so much for letting your boys participate in Cub Scouts! They are awesome and fun boys and we enjoy working with them! We wanted to give you a little outline of what you can expect from Bear Cub Scouts this year. Your son will pass off the following requirements if he comes to each den meeting and does the (infrequently) assigned homework.

Bear Badge
-Ways We Worship
-What Makes America Special?
-Tall Tales
-Sharing Your World with Wildlife
-The Past is Exciting and Fun
-What’s Cooking?
-Family Fun
-Be Ready
-Information, Please
-Jot it Down
-Shavings and Chips
-Tying it All Up

Golden Arrow Point
-Building Muscles, requirements A, B & C
-Art, requirement A
-Collecting Things, requirement B
-Maps, requirements A & B
-Let’s Go Camping, requirements A, B & F

Belt Loops
-Good Manners

If your son wants to work on additional requirements that pique his interest, please encourage him to do so. For every 10 additional requirements he passes off he will be able to receive a Silver Arrow Point. (Please sign his book on the “Akela’s OK for the Arrow Point Trail” line and write the accomplished requirement on the back page of his Bear Handbook.)

Each quarter your son will come home with a detailed schedule of what we will be working on during that three month period. If your son misses a den meeting you are responsible for helping him to complete the activity he missed. We will have a den meeting April 29th for parents and boys to attend and share summer travel plans so we can be more effective with our summer activity planning.

Thank you,



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