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Scripture Reading Chart & Bookmarks

on April 4, 2013

Our bishop has challenged us as a ward to read the entire Book of Mormon from January 1st-May 1st. So I took that challenge to the girls during our first activity of the year. We invited the sister missionaries to come to activity days to issue the girls a challenge to read and also talk about the importance of gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon at their age. I found a scripture reading chart here, (it wasn’t easy to find!) made a copy of it for each girl and challenged them to read the Book of Mormon with the goal of finishing by May 1st, but if they didn’t finish by May to keep going until they had finished it. What I love about this chart is that each leaf represents a chapter in each book and they can color in the leafs and books as they go along. For our activity we made bookmarks for them to use while reading!


Bookmark Supplies:



-Felt Stickers (you can find these in the craft aisle of your local Super Walmart)

-Embroidery Floss


-Sewing Scissors

We really let the girls use their imaginations, several of them ended up trying for quantity rather than quality, but we ended up with some awesome creations! The girls really loved this activity and asked that we do it again some time.



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